How Expedia Made My New Bride Cry

If you would like to help me out, you can Tweet this story OR email Expedia and ask them to make things right for me and my wife. This is the story of how Expedia made my new bride cry. When Expedia followed up their failure with our honeymoon trip with a complete and total lack of acknowledgement of any responsibility for the problem and endless loops of explaining the issue over and over again - I swore that they would make it right. When they brought my new bride to tears, I got an immediate and ......

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Large Hosts Files

Its hard to find much technical information on the Windows Hosts file, beyond what is pretty much common knowledge. Some questions I had recently that were hard to find the answers to: Q. How big can the hosts file be? A. I still haven’t found an answer to this one, but apparently pretty darn big. The Hosts file is over 600Kb and still growing (it is designed to block certain malware related sites). Q. How long can a single line in a hosts file be? A. It seems the answer to this question ......

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How to Clear the Squid Proxy Cache in Windows

For some reason directions for clearing the Squid proxy cache (in Windows) seemed hard to come by on the web, so I thought I’d post them here. Hope this helps someone: Run MMC and load the services snap-in, kill the running squid process. Empty Squid’s cache folder (e.g. C:\squid\vars\cache\). Run Squid with the –z parameter to rebuild the cache folder structure (e.g. C:\squid\sbin\squid.exe –z). From the services snap-in of MMC, restart the squid service ......

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Automatically Wake Your PC Before Your Arrival

Just a quickie convenience tip. Some mornings it seems to take my computer a little too long to “wake up” after being hibernated overnight. This annoyed me, but as of today it annoys me no longer. This morning my computer was fresh and ready to go as soon as I sat down at my desk. These instructions are for Windows 7, however the same basic idea will work fine in Vista and XP. From Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools, and then Task Scheduler. Create a basic task. This task can be for anything ......

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Remote Desktop Copy and Paste Clipboard Stopped Working

Seemingly out of the blue, copy and paste from my local desktop to Remote Desktop stopped working.  I had to resort to *gasp* FTP (ok, so it wasn’t that big a deal but it was still annoying to me).  Anyway, the solution turned out to be very simple:  On the remote machine, just bring up the task manager and kill and restart rdpclip.exe.  Voila, problem solved.

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Leaving /n software, headed to new startup

I've been extremely fortunate to work at /n software, but after more than 9 years, the time has come for me to say "goodbye". This Friday will be my last day. The people behind the amazing machine that is /n software are great, hard working people, and I'll be a fan for life. Most importantly though, I'm looking forward to new experiences and new challenges. I'll be joining an exciting new online marketing startup in Chapel Hill (more about them later!). My new work will be as a C# developer, but ......

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Joining the A-list of bloggers

Since the A-list is open, I'm just going to go ahead and join. Please be sure to pass the word along and link to me. Then you may as well go ahead and subscribe to me so that you won't miss any of my gems. For those who say an A-list doesn't exist, ok fine, I will start it right now. :) Hah. Currently, Technorati says that my blog is ranked 1,420,445 out of 51,400,000. Thats pretty funny, especially since I don't believe that there are really 51,400,000 blogs (although there might be nearly that ......

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CBS to start streaming primetime

Amanda (Unboomed) brought this to my attention: BusinessWeek online article: "CBS to start streaming primetime shows".

I guarantee they won't be using RSS for this, and you'll have to logon to their website in order to watch. If thats true, I'll pass. Hello DVR.

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Kayaking on the Deep River

If you know of a better place to take-out of the Deep River at US1, I’d appreciate a note here. :) Yesterday, my buddy Blake and I went out on a kayak adventure on the Deep River. “Kayak”, because we took kayaks with us. “Adventure” because it was very loosely planned and we figured if we ran into any trouble we’d just figure it out and deal with it. Turned out we did run into some trouble and we did deal with it! It was a ton of fun! We knew there was a take-out spot somewhere near the US1 bridge ......

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No, &Registry.find_name;, we don't install anything else on your machine.

The FAQ at is funny. :) I love it when software companies put on this sort of laid back front. Q: Spyware! You have some sort of spyware that accompanies your install. You're harvesting information about me, aren't you? No, &Registry.find_name;, we don't install anything else on your machine. Technorati Tags: AS2, EDI ......

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TwitterMinder and Flickr->Twitter scripts

If you’re an RSSBus user who is using my Google Calendar –> Twitter or Flickr –> Twitter services, you might notice a minor change to both. I changed Twitterminder so that tweets resulting from Google Calendar entries are prepended with “GCal: “. I did the same thing with the Flickr->Twitter script, it will now prepend “Flickr: “. Related: How to call these services from your own applications. Related: How I converted TwitterMinder into Flickr->Twitter by changing 4 lines of code ......

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SUP – Simple Update Protocol for feed services

This is cool – FriendFeed created the SUP protocol (format) for web services that produce multiple feeds. In order to reduce tons of frequent feed polling, services can offer one “SUP feed” that indicates what feeds on the service have been updated. It works very simply. Each RSS/Atom feed includes a link tag with that feeds SUP-ID (so each feed has its own SUP-ID) and the URL of the SUP feed. The SUP feed contains a list of all the SUP-ID’s of feeds that have been updated ......

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Adding Tweet Button to ActiveModules’ ActiveForums

Here is how to add a “Tweet” button to your ActiveForums threads, using John Resig’s (@jeresig) “Easy Retweet Button”. I added a “Tweet” button to the header of each post, right next to the existing quote/reply buttons. First, modified the default styling of John’s retweet.js so that the tweet button matches ActiveForums. I modified retweet in the following ways: Set the link_text to just “ Tweet”. I killed the click count by setting count_type to “none”. Completely deleted the “styling:” ......

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Adding Google Adsense to ActiveModules’ ActiveForums

Go to the forum control panel, Templates. If want to modify the ForumView, click on it and insert your Adsense code after the very first [BREADCRUMB], ie: <%@ Register TagPrefix="am" TagName="ForumJump" Src="~/DesktopModules/NTFor... <%@ Register TagPrefix="am" TagName="Stats" Src="~/DesktopModules/NTFor... <%@ Register TagPrefix="am" TagName="WhosOnline" Src="~/DesktopModules/NTFor... [BREADCRUMB] ......

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SlickEdit 2009 Evaluation

I was asked to evaluate SlickEdit 2009, so I dropped Ultra-Edit for about three weeks and used only SlickEdit 2009. Here is a little “log” of my thoughts on the switch: - SE setup asked to add to my system path – I don’t like having to add stuff to my path. What is the benefit of adding this? [SE Staff:] Many of our customers are heavy keyboard and command line users. Adding SlickEdit to the path allows you to invoke it and its related utilities using the command line. - The first thing I went to ......

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Twitter Button to GeekswithBlogs/SubText Skin

I’ve always wished I could customize the skin on my blog at GeeksWithBlogs.Net. GeeksWithBlogs is built on SubText, and of course its just a skin, but since GWB is hosting my blog and I don’t have control over the skin files myself I am limited to what I can do with it. Well, today I finally did it, after some inspiration from John Resig (@jeresig) and his “Easy Retweet Button”. I added a “Tweet This!” button to the footer of each post. First, I modified the default styling of John’s retweet.js so ......

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Worst IT Excuses

From Bill Ryan, from unknown: It works on my machine It doesn't matter because no one will ever do that Users like it the way it is I don't write any bugs It'll be fixed in the next release It'll be ready on Monday, we just need to build the setup package The spam filter ate it A little more RAM will fix your performance problem You can't do that because it's a security risk The database is slow because it's too normalized I've heard a few of these before. Also there's: - It'll be ready on Monday, ......

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Amazon Flexible Payments Service

It looks like Amazon has a new web service, FPS - the Amazon Flexible Payments Service. This one will allow developers to build Amazon payment functionality directly into their applications. The service looks to be similar to PayPals ExpressCheckout. FPS OverviewFPS Technical Docs ......

Posted On Friday, August 3, 2007 9:19 AM | Comments (1)

Outdoor Volleyball Fun

I posted some pictures (none of me, because I was busy taking them) of this past weekends King/Queen grass doubles tournament. Also here is a short video, sorry I didn't feel like standing there recording video all day long so there is just one quick point ......

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Stop Unfair Beer Taxation In North Carolina

I got the email below yesterday from the folks at "All About Beer" magazine - those that host the yearly Beer Festival in Raleigh and Durham. I don't know about you - but I don't want to my favorite small micro-breweries knocked out of business due to unfair taxation. We're already paying enough taxes on beer and wine. If you are a citizen of North Carolina, I would ask that you take a minute to do the two quick things suggested in the email. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... ......

Posted On Saturday, June 27, 2009 6:13 AM | Comments (2)

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