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I’ve always wished I could customize the skin on my blog at GeeksWithBlogs.Net.  GeeksWithBlogs is built on SubText, and of course its just a skin, but since GWB is hosting my blog and I don’t have control over the skin files myself I am limited to what I can do with it.

Well, today I finally did it, after some inspiration from John Resig (@jeresig) and his “Easy Retweet Button”.  I added a “Tweet This!” button to the footer of each post.

First, I modified the default styling of John’s retweet.js so that the tweet button matches the Cogitation skin.  Then I added an “updatediv” function using John’s own code, this new function just inserts the “Tweet This" button into the footer of each post, right next to the posted-date and the number of comments.  Here is the modified retweet.js.  My modifications are preceeded with an “//LR” comment.  You can of course modify it to alter other pieces of the skin, such as the postTitle or postText.

How to Use:

1.  Copy the retweet.js file to your own server and include it in your GWB page via Options->Configure->Static News/Annoucement.

<script src=""></script>

2.  If you use a skin other than Cogitation, you may want to edit the retweet.js file to use your own styling.  For that, see John’s blog post, under the heading “Configuration and Themeing“

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